Happy Teachers = Happy Students

by Heidi Nord September 17, 2016

Happy Teachers = Happy Students

Happy Teachers = Happy Students

Dear Fans of Happiness :-)

My favorite mentor of all time always said, “Happy Moms make Happy Babies.”

At first, this felt selfish to me. “You mean that if I want my kid to be happy, I need to make myself happy first?” It couldn’t be true. My job was to take care of my kids, not make myself happy!

His statement flipped my thinking completely.

Do happy parents make happy babies?

I soon found out that yes, the happier I got, the less I worried about my kids. The less I worried, the more I let go, the happier my kids became. Full circle.

It didn’t take long before I extrapolated his concept to teachers in the classroom.

Do happy teachers make happy students?

Of course, YES!

It may come as no surprise that I have a lot of teacher friends.

The most common question I get is, “How did you successfully leave the classroom?”

Which leads me to wonder, “Why do so many fabulous teachers want to leave the classroom?”

Day after day, I hear of teachers wanting to leave.

Is it the students?



Problems with parents?


Unhappiness with pay?


Red tape?

Bingo, we hit the jackpot! Yes!

How sad is it, that so many teachers want to leave due to bureaucracy?

At this time in education, teachers are incredibly stressed.

In fact, teachers are so stressed that many are leaving the classroom.

Nearly half of all beginning teachers will leave their classrooms within five years…”

You see, in education, we have it all backwards.

We are currently under a vast amount of high stakes testing, which results in teachers getting a slap on the hand for getting less than perfect results.

And it completely sucks.

It sucks all the joy out of teaching, which is all wrong, because every teacher I know got into it because they LOVE kids.

And, because the joy of teaching has been stripped from teachers, we currently have the following formula:

Unhappy Teachers AND Unhappy Students

This factor alone negatively impacts test scores.

And I’m here to say, “We need to STOP IT!”

Many teachers are scared to speak up, for fear of losing their job.

Guess what?

I’m not scared, because I’m out of the red tape.

Oh, and by the way, I’m also happy.

(Which, surprise, surprise, positively influences my students’ test scores, but more on that later…)

How can we cause a change to create happiness for teachers?

Clue #1: Stop the high stakes testing.

Clue #2: Administrators, be KIND to your teachers.

Clue #3: Stop coming up with educational policies that backfire.

Clue #4: Ask teachers how you can make their job better.

Clue #5: Stop constantly changing the curriculum.

Maybe you’re a teacher, and you want to add a suggestion.

I’d love to hear your comments!

Happy Teachers = Happy Students!

Heidi Nord


Heidi Nord
Heidi Nord


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