Dyslexia Bill, Arizona Schools Await Gov. Ducey’s Signature

by Heidi Nord April 28, 2017

Dyslexia Bill, Arizona Schools Await Gov. Ducey’s Signature

Dear Fans of Dyslexia!

Good news today from the state of Arizona.

Governor Ducey is set to sign a bill to require schools to do more than just identify students with dyslexia and giving them the guidelines for how to deal with them. 

"The Senate on Monday gave final unanimous approval to legislation allowing the state Board of Education to create a handbook for schools. That already appears to be accomplished, with Rep. Jill Norgaard, R-Phoenix, telling board members earlier in the day one has been prepared and is ready for adoption. But the potentially more significant part of HB2202, which now goes to the governor is redefining dyslexia in a way Norgaard said more accurately reflects the condition. She said that by itself should help students get identified earlier and get them the help they need before they fall behind.

Norgaard said Arizona will be the 15th state in the nation to create such a handbook.

What makes that all the more remarkable, she said, is until October 2015 federal education guidelines 'you weren’t even able to mention the D-word in schools,' she said."

You can read about it here:

Dyslexia bill, Arizona schools await Gov. Ducey’s signature

This is great news for people with dyslexia in the state of Arizona! Hopefully, as more states create welcoming guidelines for those with dyslexia, will we embrace a friendly reading and writing classroom environment that is flexible for every student that walks into schools in the United States.

Success for All!

Heidi Nord

Heidi Nord
Heidi Nord


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