Not Learning in a Traditional Way

by Heidi Nord May 20, 2019

Not Learning in a Traditional Way

Do you stay up at night worrying about your child?

I know as a parent, I've spent sleepless nights, worried. I think it's pretty common.

For parents of kids getting questionable grades, there are lots of thought going through our minds.

Have I done enough?

Did I read enough books when they were little?

Have I helped with homework?

What if my kid isn't as smart as the other kids?

Could my kids have a learning issue?

Let's stop there for a moment, because you've found this site for a reason.

Maybe your kid doesn't learn in a traditional way.

And, maybe you've thought of bringing that up with the teacher.

Or, maybe you already have brought it up, but you feel like you are spinning your wheels.

You are not alone.

Unfortunately, what happens to parents and children at many schools across the United States is a lot of confusion if you have a child that is not learning in a traditional way.

If you are a parent and you have a child in school who is having trouble learning, especially with reading, writing, and spelling, you likely feel like you are in the twilight zone.

I am guessing you feel:


  • Unheard
  • Unseen
  • Crazy
  • Like you are complaining
  • Misunderstood
  • Like your child is being left behind
  • As if no one will help your child
  • Trapped
  • Confused
  • Helpless
  • Angry
  • Frustrated
  • Alone

Tell me where I’m wrong.

It can get quite messy understanding the terrain at school sites. If you would like assistance, Click Here.

Heidi Nord
Heidi Nord


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