Sound Feels 2 0f 5

by Heidi Nord March 26, 2018

Sound Feels 2 0f 5

Dear Fans of Learning,

Dyslexic learners typically have issues with processing sounds. In addition to this, many also have issues telling the difference between sounds, especially ones that sound similar.

For example, f and th sound very close, to the point where it is hard to tell the difference in many words.

This is why it's important to have students start to feel sounds in their mouth, jaw, and throat. Once they start feeling sounds, it is so much easier to attach a sound to a letter!

This group of videos is called "Lippity Pippity". I've grouped all 44 sounds of the English Language into 5 categories:

  • Say Cheese
  • Lippity Pippety
  • Sour Lemons
  • Zombies
  • Sweetie Pies

Enjoy the second of five, Lippity Pippity!

Heidi Nord
Heidi Nord


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