Together We Are Better

by Heidi Nord April 14, 2019

Loved Ones,

Often, people ask me, whose side am I on? Are you on the side of...

* teachers

* parents

* school districts

* teachers’ unions

* students

* teachers who understand dyslexia

* tutors

* teachers who are flexible

* school districts who will listen to Dyslexic students

Honestly, this list could extend to the moon and back again and still I could have no definitive answer. This is because after living 49 years of this human life, but what would seem like an eternal existence, it feels the most true, the most loving response is that,  no one is right and at the same time no one is wrong. 

I realize this feels like a paradox, and it is, but true eternal answers really are chicken and egg scenarios where answers are looped within the question.

We must leave space to trust the feelings of each party in the list above and openly communicate, with compassion, love, and without judgement.

Its taken a lifetime for me to learn this skill set, and it’s not easy, but it is well worth the time and effort. It’s the path to true change as forced change is not often sustained. Forced change keeps the pendulum of right versus wrong swinging, where people get confused about being “right.” In true reality, there is no comparison in life. Comparison begins in the human mind, which is not at one with consciousness and therefore distorted from reality. 

In reality, there is no right,  and there is no wrong, there just “is.” So, we get to sit with that and become friends with each moment. To deny reality is to deny truth in each moment.

When we allow the “is” of each moment to be, that’s when time ceases to exist. That’s when we fall in love with the timeless nature of ourselves and it’s when we connect with eternal and everlasting love. 

In this space of love, we harm no one. We are gentle to ourselves, to others, to all of life. 

If we are to make a great educational shift, now is the time to make it. In every moment of the now, each word spoken to students is of love, encouragement, and empowerment. With these types of words, students thrive. 

Every student wants to learn. I know this for sure. Many are just so discouraged they stop trying. 

In answer to my first question, whose side am I on?

There is no “side” because everything fits together in perfect harmony, each element, personality, or fingerprint expressing itself uniquely, yet in harmony to create a beautiful symphony.

I am always with love. I am always rooting for each unique person to express their beautiful music. 

Here’s a question that rings more true.

What would love do?

With Light,

Heidi Nord





Heidi Nord
Heidi Nord


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