Affirmations are one way to grow positive attitude and student self-empowerment. While we want to process negative feelings, it is also important to encourage healthy thinking.

Here are some affirmations that are helpful for people with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and learning issues :-)

Remember: You are what you think.

"I am intelligent and wise. I am connected with the source of all wisdom." 

"I am connected to wisdom at all times."

Dyslexics are often incredibly smart but are made to feel that they aren't smart as people criticize or make fun of them. 

People with dyslexia process information differently in their brain - they're wired differently. Being wired differently means just that. Different. Not substandard.


Affirmations to Increase Self-Esteem

"I understand everything. I know what I need to do."

"I am centered and calm. Information flows to me."

Try the above affirmations if you suffer from occasional mental "fog." They can help you feel sharper and give you a much-needed edge if you're feeling tired.

Affirmations for Attention Deficit Disorder:

With Attention Deficit Disorder (or Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity), information is usually flooding into a person's brain so rapidly that they can't parse (or separate out) individual pieces of information. Therefore, they are actually gifted at doing many things at once.

When we think about hunters and gatherers, in nature, humans need to process a multitude of information all at once. We need to pay attention to the wind, the plant, where we were, where we are going, the sun, tracking footprints, animal tracks, scents, etc.

These capabilities were wanted, desired, and highly regarded. In the classroom, these gifts just seem annoying, and challenging to teachers, who often want quiet classrooms. Here are some affirmations for when these gifted students do need to calm the mind:

"My focus is clear."

"I focus on this task only. I can finish this one task."

"I take joy in doing one thing at a time."

"I am clever. I am intelligent."

"My attention flows to one thing at a time."

"I love and approve of myself."

"I am lovable and capable."

"I can read easily."

"I can learn the tools to spell words."

"I have a good memory."

"I love my teachers."

"I write neatly and correctly."