Napa Tutoring/Coaching

One quality I often get feedback on in my community of Napa is that I really "get" kids and teens. This is the base of my practice, and something I am very proud of in my life. Working with kids doesn't seem like work at all, I simply enjoy it, and I feel lucky to work with a wide variety of students.

Issues that might affect your family may include:

  •      Communication issues
  •      Sleep deprivation
  •      Electronic overuse
  •      Anxiety
  •      Peer pressure
  •      Problems with being bullied
  •      ADD or ADHD
  •      Dyslexia
  •      Learning issues
  •      Self-esteem issues
  •      Not knowing how to make friends
  •      Feeling alone
  •      Feeling stressed over grades
  •      Not able to make decisions
  •      Lack of joy

Through tutoring, many of these issues are brought up, and strategies on coping with what life tends to throw at us are necessary in order to learn how to navigate life.

To be clear, I am not a therapist. I am a tutor, trained as a learning specialist. I have a Master's Degree in Education with an Emphasis in Literacy and Reading. I also have a K-12 Reading Specialist Degree and a Multiple Subject California Clear Credential. 

What I have learned, through the course of my career, both in public and private practice, is that social issues inevitable affect learning issues, and visa-versa. They go hand-in-hand, and when there is growth in one area, typically growth is seen in another. 

The bottom line is that feeling less stressed and more relaxed in school has a positive outcome on achievement. It may not perfectly correlate in a logical sense, but as humans, doesn't it make sense, in a non-linear way?

My services in Napa has a new location at 2800 Jefferson Street. I will be hosting free information nights starting in October. I am also adding Neurofeedback to my services, which will benefit adults as well.

I charge $90/hour and will be adding a scheduler here soon!

For now, call me at 707-225-4409 Sincerely, Heidi Nord