Thought Flipping

Do you have negative thoughts?

Change your life, and flip them around!

"I can't do it."      "My hair is ugly."      "I'm too tall."


**Thought Flipping**

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Flip your negative thoughts into positive thoughts!


"I can't do it."        Flips to:    "I can do it."

"My hair is ugly."   Flips to:    "My hair is unique."

"I'm too tall."         Flips to:     "I'm just the right height."


Our company is dedicated to helping people feel smart, happy, and at peace. I didn’t always feel these things about myself.  In fact, I felt like I wasn’t bright, and I was often sad and anxious.  By questioning and choosing my thoughts, I have changed my brain pathways. Now I understand I have the capacity to choose my thoughts, feeling, and actions. If I can do it, you and your students can do it too!

Thought Flipping is dedicated to all the kids and teens who would like to change their thoughts! 


Heidi Nord



What are some negative thoughts kids and teens and teens who struggle with dyslexia need help flipping?

Check these thoughts out!

"I'm not good at learning."       FLIPS TO        "Learning is easy for me."

"I can't spell."       FLIPS TO       "I have the tools to spell great!"


**Thought Flipping**



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Thought Flipping: Girl Power!