Thought Flipping: Original Book

Thought Flipping

The Original Book

Do you have negative thoughts?

Change your life, and flip them around!

"I can't do it."       "My hair is ugly."       "I'm too tall."


**Thought Flipping**

Game * Book * Strategy * Mindset


Flip your negative thoughts into positive thoughts!


"I can't do it."        Flips to:    "I can do it."

"My hair is ugly."   Flips to:    "My hair is unique."

"I'm too tall."         Flips to:     "I'm just the right height."


Our company is dedicated to helping people feel smart, happy, and at peace. I didn’t always feel these things about myself.  In fact, I felt like I wasn’t bright, and I was often sad and anxious.  By questioning and choosing my thoughts, I have changed my brain pathways. Now I understand I have the capacity to choose my thoughts, feeling, and actions. If I can do it, you and your students can do it too!



Thought Flipping is dedicated to all the kids and teens who would like to change their thoughts! 


Heidi Nord