Sound Juggling Program Set 4/5

The Brilliant Dyslexic

Sound Juggling Program

Set 4/5 

The number #1 predictor of reading success is Phonological Processing.

Phonics can't work if your child has challenges with Phonological processing. It's THAT important.

Phonological Processing can also be called Auditory Processing, Phonological Awareness, Phonological Addition, Phonological Deletion, Phonological Manipulation, etc.

My fun name for this category of learning is "Sound Juggling" because it is a fun name for learning how to process sounds.

Sound Juggling focuses on changing sounds in words WITHOUT letters.

This Sound Juggling Program is my fun way of introducing Phonemic Processing and Phonemic Awareness skills.

There are 100 videos in the Sound Juggling Program, processing words starting with VC (vowel, consonant)patters, then up to 5 sounds, with the patterns, CCVCC (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant).

If your student is struggling with reading, he or she could really benefit from this program.

Our Sound Juggling Program is...

Perfect for tutors.

Fabulous for teachers to use with students.

Fun, easy and motivational for students.

There are 20 lessons in the fourth set :-)


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