Dyslexia Assessment #1 Intended for:

  • Parents who just want to know whether or not their child is dyslexic, but do not need a written report at this time
  • Students in college who have had learning issues and want to figure out “why”
  • Students in  K-12 public schools who need accommodations and strategies and ideas for 504 plans and/or accommodations for SAT
  • Students in private schools who need to find out the best practices to move forward with student growth
  • Adults who need accommodations for professional tests (firefighters, police officers, state employees) **You WILL NEED a written report for this purpose** See Dyslexia Assessment #2
Reasons you may not want a written report include:
1. You have a great relationship with the school and you just want to know if it is dyslexia and have private tutoring for extra support.
2. You homeschool and just want answers and options.
3. You don't want your child labeled.
4. Your child has been over-tested, you want to get to the root of the issue and spend funds wisely on tutoring.
5. You don't want to get caught up in red-tape of the school district.
6. You want the highest quality of service which you may not find through a public school district.
7. You want an outside source monitoring the progress of your child.

    Assessment Package Includes:

    • 4 hours of personal interaction with Heidi Nord.
    • Sessions easily managed via Skype, or in-person (Napa, California)
    • 1.5-hour meeting with parents to:
      1. Discuss your child’s background, including all schools, report cards, and history with issues.
      2. Look at samples of student work.
      3. Determine which assessments are needed to assess whether or not the student could have dyslexia.
      4. You can ask as many questions as you like about your child and dyslexia.
      5. We will discuss the possibility of Add/ADHD. Heidi Nord does not diagnose ADD/ADHD, however it is an important element to consider in the learning process.

    1.5-hour meeting with student, including:
      1. Simple and convenient testing via Skype, or in-person.
      2. Written tests on regular paper that may be scanned and sent in after the session.
      3. Plenty of oral testing, very little writing is necessary!

    Skype sessions can be recorded (if technology complies)!

  • 1 Hour Summary Meeting with Parents

  • *This assessment package DOES NOT include a written report.

    *Assessment without the written report is $500.00

    When scheduling, parents will sign a DocuSign acknowledging the terms of this agreement.

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