Healthy Harmony for Your HSP Child

The Brilliant Dyslexic

Healthy Harmony for Your HSP Child

Is your child or teen bothered by, well...EVERYTHING?

Or, at more things than most people?

Welcome to the world of being highly sensitive. 

It comes with many, many gifts.

But, if you are a parent, who has not figured your kid out, you may be wondering how to manage your relationship with your child, and how to help your child manage life in and out of the classroom.

This 4 part 30 minute recording series will give you many hints, clues and details, about how to help your child, and lead them into a happier, more balanced life.

This podcast will help you, help your child. What could be better?

If you've heard this from your child:

  • The tag in my shirt itches!
  • Why is the music so loud?
  • The lights are bothering me.
  • Bananas are mushy. Yuck!
  • I feel funny.
  • I need to be alone.
  • Something smells weird.
  • Why do people talk so much?
  • But I want to wear my hat.
  • I hate scary movies!

You might have a highly sensitive child or teen.

I am highly sensitive, so I get the pleasure of knowing all about it! It's why I'm so good with students.

This podcast will help you help your child. What could be better?


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