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     This course is designed for special education department leaders who are tired of having their special education teachers quit before less than five years of service. Learn why most teachers get fed up with the system, what more senior teachers do to stack the odds against new teachers, and how you can create a safe space for new special education teachers to not to just manage but be happy in their new positions. 

     Learn what cost you are losing by having a high turnover rate, and how you can reduce that cost by hiring assistants to do some low level paperwork, freeing up the teacher to have the energy to do what they do best, which is teach.

     Gain an understanding about why the most creative, nurturing, and often most effective teachers leave the classroom. Often, this means that the most authoritative teachers stay in special education classrooms which is why there is conflict between teachers and students, which in turn makes parents want to sue school districts at a higher rate.

     Ultimately, teaching is a customer service job, especially in special education. Parents who have children who are in special education already have a higher level of stress than parents who have children in mainstream education. When children and teenagers come home from school stressed out, parents of high need kids have an even bigger challenge managing their home life and family structure. In many cases, it often takes so much energy for these students to hold themselves emotionally together at school, that they often have meltdowns when they get home which leaves the parents stressed out, upset, and frustrated. After years of this cycle, and feeling like teachers never listen, a certain portion of these parents are going to get frustrated enough to sue the school district.

     Any lawyer worth their salt is going to be able to find a hole in the IEP paperwork to build a lawsuit against a school district. Today, it might be because you described too much about a behavior in a certain section of the IEP. 10 years ago it might be because you didn’t dot this “i” or cross that “t”. A good lawyer is going to be able to create an argument for almost anything in the IEP paperwork. 

     That’s what attorneys do, they deduce a way to make a legal argument match their argument. An smart attorney will find a way to justify any mean. When you are left with authoritative teachers in the classroom who do not listen to students or parents, and who push creative teachers out, a school district always leaves itself at a legal disadvantage. Take this course now, to figure out how to retain teachers who can work effectively in the classroom to create environments where students will not simply just barely cope, but where they can begin to thrive. Every student has the right to thrive in the classroom. 

    This new course is designed so you can learn how your district can create balance and have happier parents, students, and teachers.

    Join me in this 8 week deep dive adventure, where you will find new life!

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About Us/Praise

The Brilliant Dyslexic is about having the mindset that people with dyslexia are geniuses. Being dyslexic is not a "problem" nor a "disability". Rather, Dyslexia is an incredible strength.

Our programs are based on the innate intelligence and creative minds innate to people with dyslexia.  We strive to expand intelligence, wisdom, inspiration, and education of a world ready for a change.                    

Heidi Nord, Founder, Author and Coach has been helping students, parents, teachers and administrators with training in the areas of dyslexia, student success and mindset development since 2007. 

Before that she worked as a teacher and a reading coach for 16 years, helping hundreds of students and teachers at varying grade levels. Heidi has written several books, including "Thought Flipping" and "Write Right". 

Heidi helps clients learn easiergrow flexible brain pathways, and generate a positive mindset for success.

In addition, Heidi obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from UC Davis in Rhetoric and Communications. She received a California Teaching Credential at California State University, Northridge. She also received a Reading Specialist Credential along with a Master’s Degree in Education, in 1998.

She is highly-trained in the area of dyslexia.  She has been working with dyslexic students since 2000.

Most recently, she was trained and certified by the acclaimed sociologist, therapist, life coach and best-selling author, Dr. Martha Beck. Dr. Beck helped Heidi discover her intuitive capabilities, and how to pair those with her intellectual side. This has expanded into even more creative ways for Heidi to help her students succeed! 

Heidi Nord is an exceptional coaching asset to any child, family, teacher, or adults of all ages facing challenges in Dyslexia that want to live their best life utilizing their gift to the fullest towards expansion of their intelligence, education, genius mindset, and natural creative thinking as intended along with dyslexia.

Let the magic begin! 



Praise from Clients:

“My son had been struggling with reading, spelling and comprehension for five years.  I had tried speech therapy, phonics, private tutors and public tutoring. At first he would improve then after six month he would plateau. During his fifth grade year a friend told me to try Heidi Nord.  What a difference.

Within three months he started reading out loud in class at school. My son really understands her unique style of teaching, which he did not pick up at school.  We visit Heidi twice a week and he enjoys her class, and never complains about going.

Heidi is very patient with my son and with me.  I have seen improvement with his spelling, reading and self-confidence.  This has been a wonderful experience and we will continue using Heidi's method of learning skills for years to come.”



“When my son started working with Heidi in March of his kindergarten year, his life changed.  He started with Heidi as a child who didn't enjoy school and was becoming more discouraged by the day. He is now a voracious reader who loves school and who looks forward to his time with Heidi. 

He said, ‘Learning to read with Heidi is fun because she is so funny.’  Heidi has given my son a future, and for that I am eternally grateful. As a parent, I don't think I could have made a better decision in helping my son with his dyslexia. 

Heidi not only changed my child's life, but she changed mine as well, helping me to walk through my fear of a learning disorder. I don't fear dyslexia anymore I embrace it.  Heidi did that for me.”



“My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia 2 years ago and has consistently struggled with her reading.

 I found Heidi through an online search for local tutoring.  My daughter has been with Heidi for about 6 months now and she really enjoys her time with Heidi. 

Heidi’s approach is very empathetic and nurturing.  She’s never in a rush and always gives her student her undivided attention.  My daughter is making quite a bit of progress, slowly but consistently.  Heidi uses many sensory tools during her tutoring sessions, which are very helpful to children with dyslexia.

Heidi has an abundant amount of knowledge regarding dyslexia and she puts it to good use with her program. She also tested C... using a method I had never heard of and found out that she has a sensitivity to print on white paper and that she would do much better with print on purple paper.  She gave us a purple filter for her to use when she’s reading from a book.

Dyslexia is real and can truly diminish a child’s self-esteem.  The public schools could use more Heidi’s in their reading programs.”



“For years I had concern about my son's reading skills and spelling and knew there was something extra he needed.  We went to Heidi for an evaluation and with those results Heidi helped us understand more clearly why our son had difficulty progressing in school. 

She had a clear plan of action to meet his needs, which he continues with today.  Our son's reading has improved because of the attack skills Heidi teaches.  I know his confidence continues to remain high because Heidi promotes patience and calmness rather than demanding immediate results - she understands the uniqueness of each child and how each can best learn.” 

“Equally important, our son looks forward to the tutoring sessions with Heidi and after taking a month "off", he was asking when he was going back.  She offers convenient means of communication; before or after tutoring or via phone calls and emails,  and is willing to meet with teachers to offer suggestions for the classroom or to gain a different perspective of our son while at school. 

She has children of her own, which contributes to the connection she makes with the kids.  She can relate to them as well as with the parents and their concerns about their children.”



“I have known Heidi through our business networking group for over a year. In that time it has become apparent to me how devoted and passionate she is about helping her clients with their learning obstacles.

It also was enlightening to realize that her expertise is of benefit to not just children but adults as well. Anyone who thinks they may have a learning disability would be smart to make contact with Heidi.”



"My son has enjoyed working with Heidi. She is very attuned to what he likes and works on keeping the lessons interactive, interesting, and fun."



"Heidi has consistently proven her dedication and passion for her students/clients. She is an outside of the box thinker with a proven track record of success.

I recommend Heidi to anyone who is dedicated to the development of their child's academic and social excellence."



"Heidi started seeing our daughter in April, 2014. We are very pleased we found Heidi, because she found out why she was struggling in school. She intervened with tutoring using a couple of programs to help her increase a grade level in reading in three months.

Through Heidi's services, we found out that there are some simple and effective ways to increase reading and writing skills. We have learned about Dyslexia, and how to increase  learning in the classroom.

We are so happy with Heidi's services that she is now seeing our son as well.

Heidi is a team player, and has worked well with our daughter’s teacher by giving her activities to reinforce the activities done in tutoring in the classroom. She gives us extra work to support both kids at home as well.

She communicates effectively, and is open to answer questions about progress, programs, and ways to increase learning for both of our kids.

We highly recommend Heidi's tutoring services, she is excellent with both kids and parents."

--Susann and Eric


"At the time we contacted Heidi, our daughter MJ had started 3rd grade and had a hard time reading. She has dyslexia and started meeting with Heidi on a regular basis.

Within 3 months MJ had made so much progress! Since then, Heidi has introduced her to diverse computer programs to help her read and write. 

It has been a challenging time for our family, but thankfully, Heidi has been guiding us the whole way and we couldn’t be more grateful! She has become MJ's teacher, her friend, and her confidante."



"My grandsons have all been tutored by Heidi Nord.  My oldest is 13, next 8 and the third 7.  They have enormously benefited from her supervision.

My first grandson unfortunately was not diagnosed with dyslexia until the 6th grade.   He has just about finished his learning experience with Heidi.  What is most interesting about the dyslexia is that it is often thought of as a reading (through sight) difficulty. 

In reality it is a brain processing difference that causes difficulty in learning.  Jonah will be able to go on to high school this fall with an understanding of language arts that he would never have been able to do without Heidi’s help.  We feel blessed to have found her.   

My second grandson was with Heidi for 2 and ½ years and completed the program and now needs only an occasional update. His work in school has improved to the point that I am happy to say he is at the top of his class.

The youngest and because of his ADD it is a little more difficult but Heidi’s patience with him has given him a boost in his self esteem that is wonderful to see.

His tutoring may take a little longer but it is so worth the effort.

I cannot tell you the difference Heidi has made in the lives of my grandchildren.  I cannot say enough about her and her program.



"My daughter blossomed under Heidi’s tutelage. Her reading speed improved steadily and on an emotional level she bonded with my daughter. Heidi provides a kid friendly atmosphere for learning and she pin pointed her exact issues and provided me with a plan and executed it.

Heidi also provided feedback about exactly what my daughter worked on each lesson so that I could keep her teachers up to speed on progress.

Now my daughter is in eighth grade, is an avid reader and is getting A’s in English. Her math skills also have improved greatly as well.

I can’t express how grateful I am to Heidi Nord and can only give her the highest of recommendations for her work and dedication to her craft."



"When we first started with Heidi, my son was struggling with reading and writing. She provided an assessment where his challenges were in each area and offered some day to day suggestions on how we could help our son improve.  Heidi prepared and executed a weekly tutoring schedule and learning plan that would help him to improve.

After about a year of working with Heidi, he has improved to his grade level and is excelling in reading and writing. It was great to see when he picked up a book and enjoyed reading it rather than being frustrated by the experience.  Heidi has been wonderful to work with and my son enjoys seeing her each week. 

She has been very helpful working with the teachers to coordinate a lesson plan. Heidi always openly communicates my son's successes and struggles. She has been very thorough about lesson plans and items to work on at home.

We really enjoy working with Heidi, and are glad my son had the opportunity to work with her. I would highly recommend her to any student struggling with reading and writing in school.



"Heidi Nord is a quintessential testimony to the positive effectiveness of skilled support for students with reading and/or attention challenges. She blends professional expertise and experience with compassion and sensitivity, always focusing on the whole student and his or her “village.” 

Upbeat and energetic by nature, Ms. Nord is dedicated to empowering her students with strategies and skills that will enrich their journeys for their lifetimes.

Working in the arena of learning issues for many decades, I have had many families express their satisfaction and gratitude for Ms. Nord’s work with their children. 

More inclined to view her clients’ as having “differences” rather than “disorders,” Heidi Nord is ever passionate in her efforts on behalf of her students."

Michele Mansuy Farver


"I have had the opportunity to know and work with Heidi Nord for over 5 years.  She coached my son for a year in math and brought him up to grade level.  My son loved working with her. 

The programs she used scaffolded his skills and gave him a solid understanding of the math principals.  She was professional and academically motivating during their coaching sessions.

As a public school teacher I have recommended Heidi to multiple parents.  Once my students start with Heidi I see an incredible improvement in their academic ability  and their self esteem. 

Heidi’s programs are able to diminish the academic deficiencies that students have.   She attends IEP’s, communicates with the school and sets a positive environment for everyone she works with. 

I highly recommend Heidi to anyone that is struggling with reading or math. 

Amy Brown

Read 180 and System 44 Teacher

Napa Valley Language Academy









Martha Beck Master Life Coach