How to Retain Special Ed Teachers

The Brilliant Dyslexic

     This course is designed for special education department leaders who are tired of having their special education teachers quit before less than five years of service. Learn why most teachers get fed up with the system, what more senior teachers do to stack the odds against new teachers, and how you can create a safe space for new special education teachers to not to just manage but be happy in their new positions. 

     Learn what cost you are losing by having a high turnover rate, and how you can reduce that cost by hiring assistants to do some low level paperwork, freeing up the teacher to have the energy to do what they do best, which is teach.

     Gain an understanding about why the most creative, nurturing, and often most effective teachers leave the classroom. Often, this means that the most authoritative teachers stay in special education classrooms which is why there is conflict between teachers and students, which in turn makes parents want to sue school districts at a higher rate.

     Ultimately, teaching is a customer service job, especially in special education. Parents who have children who are in special education already have a higher level of stress than parents who have children in mainstream education. When children and teenagers come home from school stressed out, parents of high need kids have an even bigger challenge managing their home life and family structure. In many cases, it often takes so much energy for these students to hold themselves emotionally together at school, that they often have meltdowns when they get home which leaves the parents stressed out, upset, and frustrated. After years of this cycle, and feeling like teachers never listen, a certain portion of these parents are going to get frustrated enough to sue the school district.

     Any lawyer worth their salt is going to be able to find a hole in the IEP paperwork to build a lawsuit against a school district. Today, it might be because you described too much about a behavior in a certain section of the IEP. 10 years ago it might be because you didn’t dot this “i” or cross that “t”. A good lawyer is going to be able to create an argument for almost anything in the IEP paperwork. 

     That’s what attorneys do, they deduce a way to make a legal argument match their argument. An smart attorney will find a way to justify any mean. When you are left with authoritative teachers in the classroom who do not listen to students or parents, and who push creative teachers out, a school district always leaves itself at a legal disadvantage. Take this course now, to figure out how to retain teachers who can work effectively in the classroom to create environments where students will not simply just barely cope, but where they can begin to thrive. Every student has the right to thrive in the classroom. 

    This new course is designed so you can learn how your district can create balance and have happier parents, students, and teachers.

    Join me in this 8 week deep dive adventure, where you will find new life!

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