Sound Juggling Program

The Brilliant Dyslexic

Sound Juggling Program - The number one challenge with dyslexia is phonological processing. Sound Juggling is just a fun name for learning how to process sounds.
This program focuses on changing sounds in words WITHOUT letters.
This Sound Juggling Program is my fun way of introducing Phonemic Processing and Phonemic Awareness skills.
There are 100 videos in the Sound Juggling Program, processing words with 5 sounds with the patterns, CCVCC (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant)
Your student might need all lessons or maybe they will just need some.
Either way, this program will help thousands of students.
Please spread the word to your friends, teachers, and administrators
Our Sound Juggling Program is...
Perfect for tutors.
Fabulous for teachers to use with students.
Fun, easy and motivational for students.

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