Thought Flipping Workshop (Napa)

The Brilliant Dyslexic

Thought Flipping is not only a book.  It is a game, strategy, and mindset. Learn early in life how to change your thoughts!  We all have the freedom to choose the thoughts we'd like. This is the ultimate freedom many great leaders have spoken about, that thousands of people strive for daily. This book, game, strategy, and mindset makes choosing good thoughts super easy.  Both kids and adults will like these simple, straightforward ideas. Come to this small workshop in Napa, where you will meet  a group of only 4 students and Heidi Nord to work on your thoughts.

Thought Flipping Workshop

Student Take-Aways!

  • Effectively deal with bullies
  • Boost in self confidence
  • Learn how to deal with disagreements with friends
  • Understand your "weakness" is actually a "strength"
  • Build resilience
  • Learn positive thinking skills
  • Have a happy mental outlook on life

    Workshop Summary:

    This fun and motivational workshop will teach your child how to deal with what life throws at them!

    Program includes:

    • The book, "Thought Flipping" (Signed by Heidi!)
    • 12 Fill in your own thought templates
    • 6 Funsheets
    • 6 Activities to learn flexible thinking
    • Community with other local students
    • Take Home Binder/Journal
    • NEW Thought Flipping Board Game!

    Take Home for Parents:

    Your kid feeling confident:  Priceless!!

    Limit: 4 Awesome kids (Spaces will fill up quickly!)
    Saturday, October 15th, 2016 from 9 AM - 12 PM
    Location: 2800 Jefferson Street #15 and Conference Room
    Price: $120

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